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What ? No Mud Puddles ?

Published on March 27, 2012 under Uncategorized

I just KNEW that Marcy, our QA inspector would be here today. She didnt come…. The stress level and the anticipation of having someone listen to every word you say and how you say it and count your toys to make sure there are numerous numerous indicators covered and so many other factors MIGHT.. just might make for a cranky Miss Debbie. Today was one of those days that I felt like I was talking to a wall. At one point I even looked at Danielle and said ” Is it me? Are they not listening to me ?” One of the children sitting near by quickly replied that she was sure it was me. So…. Hmm…. Thankfully I work in a program that if I feel the kids need a little less structure and a little more sunshine we can hit the play yard. And that is what we did!







Before going out we did do small group and circle time. Small group was reading another rain story and doing an activity that we listened for and catagorized loud and soft sounds. An interesting side note : As the children chose items to drop on a silver tray I picked up rather quickly that the more quiet children chose items that would probably be quiet and the ahem…. loud kids chose items that would make a racket !





















I will not be here this afternoon when you come in I have to run to Bentonville for business. Randy and Danielle will be closing . I will be somewhere with a drink and an umbrella. ( Rain theme still carries on. ) Oh geez.. if you know me , you know that was a joke but there might a corn dog involved.

Another activity we did was make sky and cloud dessert for lunch.

Marcy will be at Beth’s tomorrow for a technical assistance so maybe the day of no anticipation will do me good.


We were going to puddle jump with hula hoops today to practice jumping up and landing on both feet.  Our hula hoops have disappeared. Hopefully I will remember to pick some up this afternoon.

***** I know we are ready. I know we have done this before. I am pretty sure we will ace the inspection given aliens not taking over the kids bodies and me losing my mind. Its the anticipation that kills me !


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