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Rain is Falling Down

Published on March 26, 2012 under parent involvement

Today has been a fun filled day . Some of the kids were a little clingy this morning after being gone a week but got into routine soon there after.  I think the biggest problem was that many of them got accustomed to sleeping in and  this morning came very early for them.

During free play today we had a couple moms stay and play.  Thanks Mary and Melissa, the kids really enjoyed you being here.  We also had new activities out ( most every day we rotate but at least weekly. )  Some activities available we white and blue stones to sort or count.  Tomorrow I will add tongs for them to use to transfer them.  There was also a sensory bowl that had blue aquarium rocks in it and sliver ” lightening bolts” clouds and the sun.  There was a magnet paper doll type set and new puzzles.  How lucky am I to have enough resources that most times my puzzles even go with them theme.

During free play time Randy did a little science  experience with the kids.  He put boiling water in a glass and set a plate of ice on top.  The kids was it would produce ” rain.”  It only worked a tiny bit as the water ran down the sides of the glass.

During small groups today we also did a little water exploring to test a few items to see what would hold water and what would not.  Slotted spoons, funnels, cups, strainers, dish towel ?  The one that surprised them was the dish towel.  The water puddled up and then ran slowly out .  ” But it has no holes!” they exclaimed! We also read book in circle time that taught us how rain is formed and we learned the LONG word EVAPORATION. Ask your child what happens to a mud puddle!

Circle time was fun. I love the rain songs that we always sing . I also told the kids a story that I tell sometimes in our concerts. It is the story of the itsy bitsy spider.  It is one of my favorites.  If you want to ask  your child about it , here are some questions you could ask .

What kind of backpack did he have ?

Where was he going?

What did his mom fix him for lunch?

What did he do when the rain came down ?

Also, here is an animation to one of my favorite versions of the song !


Another thing we did in circle time was a chant and slapped our legs in time to the chant.

The rain will make the streets wet,
The streets wet, the streets wet,
The rain will make the streets wet
All Day long.

The rain will make the cars wet
The cars wet, the cars wet
The rain will make the cars wet
All Day long.

The rain will make the flowers grow
The flowers grow , The flowers grow
The rain will make the flowers grow
All Day long.

Doing activities like this gets us ready to listen for syllables in words.

We also made a K N L chart. What we know about rain, what we need to know about rain and at the end of the week we will fill in the L – what we have learned about rain.

As a transition to get out of circle time we recited the poem

Jack be Nimble
Jack be Quick
Jack Jumped over
The Candle stick.

Each person took turns jumping over a ” candlestick” and landing on both feet.

I hope you enjoy the pictures I took today. I even included some of the new flowers that I spent some of my spring break planting. I KNOW that kids LOVE to pick flowers but these are for enjoying with our eyes. Please don’t let you children pick them as you are coming and going.

Another great day of fun and learning in the bag !



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