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That Crazy Leprechaun

Published on March 16, 2012 under Uncategorized

Wow… there is no way we could have packed more into our day.  But what a SUPER fun day it was.  I think St Patricks Day might be one of my favorite preschool holidays.  Last night at 10 pm I was out painting large rocks to hide for the kids and making messes in the playroom.  As Danielle walked in the playroom this morning she said.. ” why exactly did I clean yesterday afternoon?”

The rascally leprechaun went every where making messes. The kids were so excited.  My favorite thing I heard about the messes was from Kat.  She was telling Danielle to come look at the bathroom where the leprechaun  left his footprints and Danielle said ” Man.. he made a mess. Who is gonna have to clean all this up ? Me? ” And as simple and honest as could be Kay looked at her and said ” YEP!”  🙂




















The leprechaun did leave a note on the board for the kids.  They LOVED IT






















As the excitement died down the kids came into the kitchen to make rainbow toast.  They painted with colored milk onto bread and then toasted it.  It was great – Little Edible art pieces!






















Later in the morning Mr. Randy played music on some glasses that were filled with green water.  This turned out really well except that I forgot I asked a music man to do this.  Should be simple right ?  I saw him in the kitchen with his tuner… trying to make them actual ” notes.” He got pretty close and believe me the one that was off BUGGED him but the kids loved it anyway.  This was a science experience.


Our next science experience was with Grandma Jim , Kmbers grandfather and Granny Marcella.  It was such a treat they brought Kimbers twin brother and sister also.  We had talked about Irish potatoes so they came to explain to the kids how potatoes are planted. Grandpa Jim loves planting potatoes. He said he still remembers the first time he shoveled over a mound and a gold potato rolled out and he got goosebumps just seeing it.  I remember my uncle sent me out as a child to get some potatoes from the garden and bring them in.  I looked and looked and couldnt find them. Finally he went out with me and showed me they were under the ground.  I can just imagine that he was in the window laughing at the city girl roaming the garden looking for potatoes. The Binghams also brought some potato pieces and helped the kids plant them in a pot  . Oh boy.. the pressure is on, I hope I can keep it alive !




























We read the book ” Little Yellow and Little Blue.” This is one of my favorite books.  The pictures are all circles in the book.  There is a yellow family and a blue family.  To make a long story shirt little blue and little yellow were friends and they hugged each other one day and turned…. GREEN!  Their families did not recognize them and they cried . When they cried they turned back to their original colors.  SUCH a great way to teach color mixing. So.. of course we had to.




















We also made rainbow fruit loop bracelets – just a little fine motor fun !

This morning as the kids came in there was also a rainbow yarn tied to the door.  Some of the moms said ” did you know there is a string attached to the door?”  I should have played along and said ” WHAT???” But I didnt . I explained it was some thing fun for the kids to do later. The leprechaun left the string and we had to follow it to find his gold.  It was a little chaotic but they did manage to find it.  And after finding it , I only had to get the scissors and cut a FEW kids out of the string that was tangled around them.


We are ending the day with the fabulous cupcakes made my Adrian, Aveary’s mom. Rainbows cupcakes and frozen  jello grapes are a perfect ending to a perfect day.

I’m not lucky. I am blessed.

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  1. Marcella Grammer

    I love the new look. It was so much fun explaining to the kids about growing potatoes. Just keep them watered about once a week and they should be fine. Thank you again for having us. It was great.

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