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If I was a leprechaun

Published on March 15, 2012 under St Patricks Day

Have you been outside today and felt the calmness in the air ? That is how it has felt all day here.  The kids have been quietly engaged in whatever their choice for play is and activities have went smooth.  Maybe we are all still exhausted from our long trek through town looking for the leprechaun yesterday? Whatever it is… it feels good.  Right now, I am sitting in the quiet room blogging while two children lay sound asleep near me ( Emeri and Mia ) and the breeze is flowing through the window. You could hear a pin drop in here.  I am blessed.

We played a game of St. Patricks Day BINGO today.  It was really called ” green ” BINGO and everything on it was green – of course to reinforce the color… green. 🙂

We did a wonderful teacher directed craft today . Do you hear the sarcasm dripping off my voice ?   When we were finished ( and they are cute ) I said to Danielle ” Do you know what we just learned from that ?”  She replied ” Absolutely nothing!”  And yes, she was right.  We did practice following directions and as we painted our fingers I did a little assessment to make sure they all knew their colors – but other than that , we filled ten minutes and we are sending home a cute little pot of gold with a rainbow!

During Circle time today we hear the story of the ShoeMaker and the Elves.  I told them the story using these great magnetic story pieces that a good friend of mine from Fayetteville made for me.  She made me TONS of them and they are all so beautiful.  Mary is a gem and a great mentor.

We also did a literacy activity .  We talked about ( and I dictated ) ” If I were a leprechaun where would I hide my pot of gold ?”

We have heard stories of leprechauns that have to give you their gold if you make them laugh. We have heard stories of leprechauns that if you make them angry they have to give you their gold. Today the story we read said to stare at them and don’t blink because if you do, the leprechaun will run away. I remember playing stare down as a child.  Today we practiced!

There were a few new activities on the table this morning.

The Montessori Spooning with a Ladle activity is easy to make and great for teaching hand-eye coordination and developing fine motor skills.

I had a stackable rainbow that teaches sequencing or size order.  Kingston thought it would make a great corral for his horses !












There was also a color matching activity with different shades of green.











One more day and we are on Spring Break !


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