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We’re going on a baby duck hunt

Published on February 28, 2012 under Uncategorized

Yesterday while Danielle and I were out walking ( 4.25 MILES almost KILLED me…. I have gotten lazy again ) we saw a precious duck family.  Danielle said ” what a perfect ending to your farm unit ! ” So after getting in this morning we decided to go on a baby duck hunt.

We found a man putting in HUGE lights at the new basketball park.  The kids all waved and he waved back.

We found a HUGE sandbox. The kids LOVED it.

Scarlett loved the sand.

I love this picture !

Andrea will grow up one day and fall in love and this picture will be precious to her !

Yes, they had sand EVERYWHERE .  ” COVER ME UP! ” We heard that a lot.

Dumping the sand


And we all had to get the sand out of our shoes and BOY was there a LOT of sand.

After leaving the sandbox we saw the new skate park.  We didnt have skate boards but to us it was like a land of slides. LOTS of large muscle work here and risk taking and helping our friends.



Of course we couldn’t walk by our favorite playground without stopping for just a few minutes.

Peek a Boo…

And then…we found the baby ducks.  If you could have heard the ahhs and the oooo’s . The kids loved it.  It was a valuable and rich language experience.  We watched the momma duck try to get the baby ducks to jump on top of the rocks. Once she went away without 3 of them and it was so funny to watch their tiny legs swim fast to catch up.  We watched them go under the bridge and on top of a small log.  There were 8 ducks. We counted them.  One of the ducks was yellow and the rest were brown.  ( Yesterday 5 of them were yellow .)  We talked about why the momma ducks had her ducklings away from the other ducks. We watched them for over 15 minutes. I can read them books all day and show them pictures but this is real life.

Baby Ducks

A perfect ending to our farm unit !


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