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Friday in Mexico

Published on February 11, 2012 under Uncategorized

WHAT??!!  I didnt blog yesterday?

Yesterday was the daddy daughter dance . I was able to pick G up from school and help get her ready for the dance with Addam.  What precious memories are made on nights like this.   Sometimes, making memories with my family takes precedence over my job and last night was one of them .

Yesterday we visited Cozumel Mexico for our last stop.  The kids looked at our pictures and listened to some of the music on video we had. We also shared some new music instruments we bought  and then they made their own maracas to take home.  You’re welcome! LOL !

Orrin working those tiny muscles in his fingers !





After the group project some of the kids went to the art center and made their own version.


When it came time to go outside it was dreary and wet so we took out our rainy day toys.  No, we don’t just pop a movie in. I wanted to let them watch part of ” Nemo” yesterday but my better sense took over me and I remembered there are so many better ways to fill up our time.

Balancing a wooden egg on a spoon.

There were soft balls to throw. If your child has a lot of pent up energy hand them some bath poufs!   They work great for indoor play !

Balancing on Dinosaur feet !


Bowling !

Hopscotch !

The girls loved making cookies for us and delivering them on their silver tray.

Malachy doesn’t get in the loft often but he really enjoyed it yesterday.

I also popped in a someone pretending they were ME!

All in all it was a great day!

There is a thin line between being professional and being clear about where you stand as a person.  Teachers have feelings too.   As I went to pick up G I heard through the grapevine that one of our friends has been trying to get a slot at Northside.   I wasn’t shocked but even though I expected it it still stung a little.  If the student gets in, I will sincerely miss her and think it is a HUGE disservice to her.  But , just in case you don’t realize it… these are the things you will miss.  This blog.  None of the teachers that I know of do daily, weekly or monthly updates for the parents.  Family field trips to learn about our community, Science nights, Family Christmas parties with Santa, Mom and Me Tea, Comfy home like places to hang out when she doesn’t feel well , 100’s of pictures taken and shared each month, family Thanksgiving meals that aren’t from a cafeteria, parties that include homemade goodness instead of store bought cookie cutter treats, phone calls just to say ” hey, she is ok .. don’t worry..”  Halloween parties where the kids are allowed to dress up .. I could go on and on.  If you think the grass is greener.. go for it. 🙂 We’ll miss the child but not the stress and obviously the behind the back conversations that take place. Maybe now some parents  realize why the change in the phone number and the Facebook updates.  There has been absolutely nothing major but when you work as hard as we do.. those little digs add up .

Today…. I made a rare healthy choice and said how I feel instead of eating pizza or a brownie because obviously some people just aren’t worth the extra five pounds.

Now I will continue the wonderful weekend with my family.



  1. Marcella Grammer

    Debbie and Randy, As I have said before I appreciate what you are doing with all the children. But it is sad but the parents aren’t the ones being uprooted and stifled. I know from listening to Kimber that you two get the kids to think for themselves and come to their own conclusions. The child that is being taken out won’t get that benefit, unless she has already been exposed to it through you and has retained the power to think for herself. I just pray that she has. And also, that Bailey and Carter get to experience your wisdom and help. Thank you for what you two do each and every day that others may take for granted. You are the best at what you do and we appreciate it very much, even as just grandparents.

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