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Published on February 14, 2012 under Uncategorized

We had a great day.   Thankfully ( for me ) most of the sugar exploded in the afternoon.  The cherry fudge the kids made was DELI CIOUS.  Hopefully you picked up a piece on your way out the door today. We read a story about the Dinosaurs Valentines Day and listened to some new songs.   LOTS of crafts today since we combined two days into one, but the good news is WE ALL SURVIVED!

Valentines Day is a the time we set aside to say ” I love you” to the special people in our  life. I don’t say this enough but I appreciate Randy so much for all he does for me.  No, he isn’t always exactly where I need or want him to be as quick as I would like it but  can be found telling fantastic stories to the kids or strumming on his guitar singing a tune.  Often through the day you can hear him yell ” Ladies and Gentleman.. the Puppet show is starting right now…” as he helps kids ride along their imagination and act out stories.  Today he gave me red sugar free foods, a deck of cards with a reason he loves me written on each one , hole punched and made into a book and a balloon that on one side said ” Im all yours” . The other side said ” Who else would want me?”  He’s a funny guy and he makes my life exciting.  I love him with all my heart.

And then you  guys — I know how hard it is to loose control and let someone else spend every day with your child.  I want you to know we love them from the bottom of our hearts.  Our desire is to enrich and never harm them.  When I die I want ” memory maker ” on my tombstone.  I hope that when your kids are older and have kids of their own they remember SOMETHING from their childhood here with a smile.   We love each of your and your children.

Now , enough mushy stuff.  Here’s a video for you to enjoy.


Valentines from Debbie Mays on Vimeo.


  1. charlotte jones

    truly alot of love in this little video. it pours out in every photo and we know it is in those rooms in that home everyday. we love you mr.randy, ms. debbie and ms danielle.

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