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Grand Cayman Island

Published on February 9, 2012 under Ocean

Today our imaginations took us to the Grand Cayman Islands.  While on that island Randy and I visited a sea turtle farm and went in a semi submersible submarine.  The kids were amazed by the fish they saw that looked like sharks and by the HUGE turtles.

For a special art project we made fish from paper plates  !













































If you wondered how that wall yesterday gets to looking so awful —–

During circle time we looked a a big picture I had of divers.  Showing children pictures like this  and asking open ended questions helps them ” think” outside the box.   Don’t ask your child questions that require a yes or no.  Make them work those little brains!

For instance on this picture you might ask

1.  What are the people doing under the water ?

2.  How do they breathe?

3.  What do you think they see under the water ?

4.  Which fish is your favorite fish?













Another great picture we took today was of Kingston. He decided to give himself a mustache before any of us could stop him. He actually did a pretty good job. Thank goodness for washable markers . MOST of it came off.















Tomorrow is our last stop at Cozumel Mexico .  We still skip the conga dance that ended in a shot that … one of us…… partook in.  Ill let you figure that one out !


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