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Run Run as Fast as you can !

Published on December 12, 2011 under Uncategorized


Can you believe it is less than two weeks until Christmas ? I can’t !  I am NOT READY!  That is very unfamiliar ground for me. Usually I am on the ball and completely through shopping by Thanksgiving.  Last week we introduced Christmas and this week we are doing a unit on The Gingerbread Man.  Ginger bread cookies and gingerbread houses are a familiar smell and thing for the kids to see this time of year and the love the story.











This morning we made gingerbread playdoh. The smell of cinnamon , nutmeg and pumpkin spice filled the room.




















































As you know our Christmas party / program is a week from tonight at my church ( back youth building ) at 6:30 .  I will try to get the invitations out by tomorrow so you can invite friends and family.   One song of our program the children are dancing to it.  Ms Devin came by to teach us our dance .





















Another fun thing we did today was on my IPHONE. I loaded a gingerbread AP and let the kids play with it. They loved it.  I need an IPAD…   ( insert whine here… )











It was quite the popular activity today.











Some other activities that were available today were :











Making a gingerbread man from felt and scrap material pieces.











A math game that challenged you to put the right number of buttons on the gingerbread man.
















And a shape matching cookie game.


While we were practicing for our program today I got stumped. I know the answer but i am not sure how to explain it to a 4 year old.  We were singing ” Away in a Manager” and there is a part that says ” the stars in the bright sky looked down where he lay..”  Kyler wanted to know how the stars got there if Jesus was just born…. it looks like they were there before him and he made them.  Whew… sometimes these kids can be theologically challenging  ! So, Mellssa , I suggest you look some thing up on explaining the trinity to a preschooler and get ready for an afternoon chat because I certainly passed it off to you. 🙂

And.. if all that wasn’t enough.  Licensing popped in for a visit today. Everything was fine.  They don’t leave a hard copy now, it is all on the computer but as soon as I get one , I will hang it up for you to see.

All in a days play.


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