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Candy Land

Published on December 13, 2011 under assessment

Today was a dreary day… but inside was all fun and games.  We had two out today sick. We had two out yesterday sick. It seems to be a tummy bug so if anyone else starts exhibiting these symptoms, please keep them home until it passes.

We played Candy Land today !











As we played I noticed Andrea had sorted her discard cards…. smart girl  !  This would be considered something  I could enter into  her ongoing assessment file.  Lots of information can be gathered from game playing and can cut out the time doing group screenings and standardized testing.











We also read the Gingerbread Baby today and made paper gingerbread kids.   We made comparisons between the two stories.   In the Gingerbread Man the fox ate the cookie. In the Gingerbread baby , he did not.  In the Gingerbread Man an old lady was cooking in the Gingerbread baby it was a boy.  These types of exercises get the brain to thinking about a story as it is being read.  We also write down the things we talked about to once again illustrate that letters make words and words are used to communicate.











Look how much our Indian corn has grown !











The dramatic play area was busy today. Dramatic play is where kids act out things that are affecting their lives. If you could just be a fly on the wall some days.

A good example of the next picture is Orrin. Orrin normally plays boy tough stuff but the past week or so he has played ” baby ” a lot with the girls. His momma is pregnant.  See… Makes you wonder what YOUR child is saying or doing in dramatic play, right  ?











If you would like to read more about playing games with preschoolers , here is an excellent site.










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