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Friday Follies

Published on December 9, 2011 under Uncategorized

Today has been a normal day.  Nothing real exciting happened.  Sometimes non exciting days are best.  Andrea’s mom , Brenda came to play for a while. She loved that.





















Other things we did today were painted our hands for a Christmas project, practiced the songs for our program on the 19th , read ” If You Take A Mouse to the Movies ” and talked about the sound of the letter C.  Challenge your child at home to find C’s.  I was encouraged by Malachy.  As we talked about the letter C he said ” Ms Debbie, this is a C too ! ” and pointed to our semi circle we were sitting in.  YES IT IS ! Yay Malachy !

Kimber had a hard time coming in this morning. He had spent the day with his mommy yesterday for a doctors appointment and like any child, didn’t want their time to end.  Later in the morning I found Kimber with the picture his mom had brought in at the beginning of the year cuddled down between the wall and the sofa. The picture comforted him. Being able to see your family when you can’t be with them is important to little ones. If you haven’t brought  in a picture yet, please do so. If there is an empty frame in your cubby it means that if your child has a bad day they have no picture to hold like Kimber did this morning.  Please bring one back on Monday.
















Other fun pictures I took of our day –




















































































































I hope you all have a great weekend !


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