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Do we need this or want it ?

Published on December 1, 2011 under cooking with kids

Today has been a much better day than yesterday.    For the most part we have all been on track.  I had a couple testing the waters a little but I kept my smile and set firm boundaries and we made it to nap time !


















We are still playing with our Thanksgiving props. . Today some of the kids enjoyed making another Indian bead necklace with colored noodles.
















It was fun as I walked up to hear Kingston ” gobbling ” with the turkey in his hand and acting out a story.











Danielle typed the kids ” letters to santa” today as the kids dictated. They have been emailed to the editor of the paper, Gary, and will be in the Letters To Santa Edition.  SInce we were still talking about Thanksgiving and moving into Christmas we talked a little about wants vs. needs today.  You would be surprised to know how fast they caught on with this activity.  Maybe you could try at home sorting some things into needs and wants categories and see how well they do.  Toys… they all said they needed so we had to talk about it.  Would you die if you didn’t have toys ?  Would you die if you didn’t have food ?  This is a hard concept for kids but just taking their thinking processes to a new level.

You can see from the chart that we also touched a few other skills during our conversation. One of the kids said ” Look there is a W like in Williams name ! ” Yes, there are.  Let’s find them ! Someone pointed to the M.  Bummer… but it does LOOK a lot like a W so I showed them side by side how they compare. One is open at the top and one is open at the bottom.


Kids are easy to teach. Just follow their lead.


Side note : We had a USDA food program inspection today.  It went well. This is where they come and make sure we are serving the correct food patterns and doing paperwork the way we should and cleanliness in the kitchen.  All went well.  I think they were impressed. The kids were actually helping to fix part of their lunch.  They LOVED this so you can try it at home.

Take some grapes and rinse them.  Put them in a sandwich baggie and sprinkle a little jello mix on them  and close.  Let the kids shake to cover all the grapes.  Yum… Yum…



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