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No Good Horrible Day

Published on November 30, 2011 under Uncategorized

I am that honest teacher.  I really don’t have a lot of bad days but when I do they are doozies.


So about 10 cookies later the kids are laying down ( Yes, I have food issues. )  I wish every day could be teddy bears and rainbows but the reality is that with 16 kiddos some days are not going to be so great.  Usually I am lucky and only one or two are struggling with growing up issues and I can handle it. I REALLY DO have a LOT of PATIENCE. Today, I am pretty sure all but two of then decided to make my day .. um… bad.


Examples :  ( The names of been changed to protect the not so innocent. )

David decided to hit his friends today when he didn’t get his way.

Sally got a little too rambunctious  in the art center and spilt liquid water colors everywhere including the walls.

Beth and Linda were told several times to clean up by Danielle.  I heard it each time.  Finally I walked upstairs and they were sitting on the ottoman just looking at Danielle and not moving . ( really ?  )

We are having bathroom issues outside.  We use the bathroom right before we walk out the door.  Some of the kids want to be first in line and won’t go to the bathroom then as soon as they get out there, decide they need to come in.  We have been talking about it  a lot.  It is like a parade.  Today , I asked each one did they need to go the the bathroom and reiterated that we are NOT coming back in right away to go.  One of us refused to go and then asked outside.  He had an accident.  He was sad.  But I was sad too…. learning to listen to rules and advice from teachers is important.  Being first in line is not the most important thing.

One – and it isn’t HIS fault… sneezed snot all over the table.  ugh….

I asked Petunia to sit on the floor for circle time. She looked at me as she sat on the couch like SURELY  you didn’t mean ME… as she slid to the floor.

These are just a FEW examples.  To the parents of the  painter and the pee- er ( is that really a word ) it will be evident to you when you pick up your child that they were part of the terrible no good rotten day.  The pee-er will have changed wet clothes and the painter still has remnants of water colors on her face.   Just because you child is not sporting evidence doesn’t necessarily mean that they had a great day.  ( There were a couple shining stars today…. )

Beth brought me a Sonic Diet Coke.

Danielle reminded me to take 5 deep breaths – to stay calm… 🙂 and I did and I have .


Now…  I wonder if there are any cookies left….

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  1. Michelle

    Ahhhh… Miss Debbie I had two of those kinds of days the Monday & Tuesday before our Thanksgiving Break. So I feel your pain 🙂 I am glad you made it through, I know how sometimes it feels like the morning will NEVER end, let alone the whole day… but it does and all it takes is that one little one to say, “I Love You Miss Debbie” as they hug your leg and you remember why you do it!!

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