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We made it !

Published on December 2, 2011 under Uncategorized

We made it to Friday!  I feel like the Hallelujah chorus should magically play like a triumphant signal of success.  We really only had one rough day but that rough day felt like it lasted 3 or 4 days .:)   Today was a good day.  But with it being Friday, I will call it perfect.































In our quest to teach kids that letters make words that have meaning we played a little game today.  I wrote words on index cards and asked the kids what they thought the word said.  Several of the kids would get the sound of the first letter right  but got stuck there.   After revealing the word the kids would tape it to it’s rightful place.   As you can see one word was sink . There are two real sinks in our play area but to my surprise  one of the boys decided to hang it on the play sink .  Another word was window and one of the kids taped his on the door .. but really.. it is glass and it much like a window.











The girls enjoyed writing with the new ” tree pens ” that I bought while in Texas. Whatever it takes to get them writing, I am game  !
















The alphabet puzzle on the table spurred a lot of letter writing today.































One of the girls found a picture of Dillion and decided to glue it on her paper . It appears she added people with him.  Creative !
















Hey ! Lets see how tall we are .
















Today I put a new mortar and pestle  with oats and cinnamon in it. The kids loved it.  Why ?  Strengthening those muscles in their little hands so they can be good writers .































Aveary made a necklace in the art center today. Very cute and very creative !
















Mia was playing with the puzzle and we found the letters in her name.
















Randy is reading a book… Im not sure which book it is but he has everyones full attention.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend.  Happy Friday.



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