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Cookie Time

Published on December 14, 2011 under Christmas

Today Scarlett’s mom came to bake cookies with the kids.  First they rolled out the dough. She had borrowed an amazing roller that had little rings on it that helped keep the dough at a certain thickness. Todays was set for sugar cookies and they all turned out awesome ! She also baked them on parchment paper which kept them from burning or sticking.  She is one smart cookie maker!   After baking and allowing them to cool the kids helped Julie tint an icing. She wanted to show them how to make brown. She let them just call out colors and she kept mixing. This was a great lesson for them on why when they paint at the easel and use a lot of colors and allow them to mix they end up with a brown blob.  After decorating they were allowed to eat them after lunch, which Julie also stayed to enjoy with the kids.  Thanks Julie for all the fun today!





























































































Small groups today was button math on the gingerbread men and we read another gingerbread story by Jann Brett called ” Gingerbread Friends.”  This time the ginger bread man did NOT get eaten either !

I will post more of today’s pictures on Facebook for those of you that want to see more.



















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