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Gingerbread House Contruction times TWO

Published on December 15, 2011 under building community

Today was gingerbread house construction time.  First Danielle made the BIG house as a group project. This provided them the opportunity to practice with a lot of help before tackling their own smaller house.































I think it’s beautiful !


























After the BIG house… it was time to make our individualized houses from milk cartons.  ( Thanks Katelyn’s grandma for bringing me these from the lunchroom ! )










































After making the houses we talked about the first gingerbread story we read  – the one with the gingerbread man jumping on the foxes back to ride across the river.  We talked about what would happen to the gingerbread man if he fell into the water.











Writing down things as the children watch reminds them that letters make words and words make sentences…..  you’ve heard this before. 🙂











First the gingerbread man was floating.











Then, the gingerbread man sunk to the bottom.

Then while the kids were outside playing.. he rose to the top to float again.  He is now waiting on the table  in a glass of water  for the munchkins to wake up.  I wonder what will happen next ?

And to think all of this started by reading a book.




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