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I Am Reading !

Published on November 1, 2011 under Uncategorized

Today was spent doing some observational assessments . I wanted to show you how we do that.  The picture below tells me a lot about Dillion.  ( I know, you thought I take all those pictures just for you, right  ?  )

He shows self confidence and direction.  ( Making a choice to do a quiet activity )

He follows rules and routines with little guidance . ( Sitting at the table while drawing with a marker )

Begins to use classroom materials carefully. ( Placed the lid back on the marker )

Shows eagerness and curiousity as a learner.  ( Choosing to write )

Shows interest in letters and words. ( Writing letters )

Uses scribbles and unconventional shapers to write.  ( Writing letters )

Uses Strength and control to perform simple task.  ( Writing letters )

Uses eye hand coordination to perform simple task. (  Writing letters )

Explores the use of several drawing or art tools. ( Using a marker )
















Next is a video of Emeri.  I sat down that the table when I heard her reading.  She doesn’t even realize I am videoing her until one point.  Without pointing out specific developmental indicators here are some things you will notice that are pre-reading skills.

She is scanning the page from left to write and moving her fingers over the words. She is reading the book turned the right direction and front front to back.   She is looking at the picture first for an idea of what the letters might say.  She has been read this story before so she is having recall from the past and adding that to a story she is making up.  Also, Emeri is a quiet child.  For her to have the confidence to boldly ” read” this book out loud at the table is a HUGE social milestone for her.  YAY! Emeri !


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