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Pumpkin Jack

Published on November 2, 2011 under Uncategorized

Today we have had a great day. We had more fun with the ” 5 Little Pumpkins ” Poem. We stamped 5 pumpkins on a gate and we talked about first, second , third, fourth and fifth . We also ran our fingers across the words as we read the poem.
















We did a new finger play about candy corn – they loved it.  If you have candy corn at home you can do this and let them eat one as you read !


























We read a book called ” Pumpkin Jack.”   Pumpkin Jack is very loved by the little boy in the book.  Every night he enjoyed watching the light dance around his room from his jackolantern.  Finally Jack started to mold and rot.  The little boys mom told him he would have to throw it away . He hated the idea of throwing his pumpkin friend Jack in the garbage so he placed him in his garden.  Over the days the pumpkin got smaller and smaller as he rotted into the ground.  Winter came and covered Jack.  Then Spring came and the little boy found a little plant growing where he had placed his pumpkin. Sure enough come fall many pumpkins grew where he had placed Jack.   Today we took our Jackolantern that we carved and placed it outside in the yard. We will watch it and see what happens to it  as the seasons change.






























Lunch time tends to get out of hand sometimes with loud talking and playing.  We LOVE conversation at the table but not playing. At the beginning of the year I painted a spatula gold and called it the golden spatula.  I wanted two – one for each group that eats and that second one never made it to the room .  Today, I decided to think outside the box and use the same one for each group.  I wanted to hang it on their cubbies but today I just laid it beside the person exhibiting awesome table manners and not playing or yelling at the table.  Malia received the golden spatula for her group and Scarlett for the second.  I prefer awarding good behavior than dwelling on the ” not so good.”
















Another day is almost in the bag.  🙂   Happy Wednesday.



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