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Halloween Day

Published on October 31, 2011 under Halloween

Today was a howling fantastic Halloween Day.   The kids were invited to wear their costumes to school today.  The first costume in today was Buzz Bee Transformer and his mommy.  Holly was even dressed up as a zombie for her work.  I was a beauty queen.

I was planning to be a tooth fairy. The kids had decided that is what I should be. I had the BEST intentions.  BUT.. Danielle and I finished our extra long day at midnight and I got up at 5:30 to go workout. I was exhausted and I still didn’t have my wand made or the tooth necklace. So… I ditched the wings and grabbed a tiara and sash ( Thankfully I have a former beauty queen daughter that has plenty ) and I transformed into Miss. Decatur BBQ 2005 !  It was a pretty fun costume. I didn’t even have to wear shoes since the dress was so long.  The downfall of the costume was two things.. that strapless bra that was not fulfilling it’s duties and every time I walked up the stairs I stepped on the dress bottom and almost fell. Do you know how many times I walk up and down those stairs.  Oh… and also, the crown ( Miss America pre- lim crown ) made my hair flat. 🙁

There were a bunch of cuties all over the room today.














































Some of the table  fun we had today was a monster googie eyes matching game.  The kids loved it.














































We had lots of fun celebration today.












































































We had magic potion !














































Dallas, Kat’s mom had the most BRILLIANT idea today.  She dressed as letter girl.   Later in the morning we introduced her as Chick Chick Boom Boom, a popular children’s book.  Dallas had pinned several letters all over her. The kids would come up and ask her about it and she would ask them which letter was in their name. When they found it she would take it off and pin the letter on them.  BRILLIANT.  And the teacher me.. well.. I was a beauty queen.
















Today was a good example of why cooperative preschoolers are so awesome.  At one time we had 7 adults  here .That is almost one per every two children here.  Wow.. it was awesome. We were able to sit and visit with the kids and not worry that anyone’s needs were not being met.  This is another plug. Anytime a parent wants to volunteer between 8-10:30 – THEY are WELCOME!
















Melissa came and did a ghost bowling game with the kids. Dallas came and played.. and played.  Mary came and helped out for a couple hours.   Adrian came and did a pumpkin bottle craft with the kids.   Thanks Thanks Thanks !






























Malia was sitting quietly on the steps this morning. I said ” what are you doing ?”  She replied ” Waiting on Prince Charming. ” So cute.



There were a lot of behind the scenes help to make today so great also. Look at this great food.  Brenda made the ghost bananas and Julie did the cheese jackolanterns. Stacey did the witches fingers ( carrots with an almond )  ALL my moms rock.  We had goodie bags and treats everywhere !


What a great day.

























  1. Michelle

    Miss Debbie…
    What a frightfully fantastic day you all seemed to have!!! I absolutely love the ghost bowling game!! That would have been great for my crew this year. I wrote it down and tucked it into my October box for next year. This way I won’t forget 🙂
    And how precious is that little one waiting for prince charming!! My goodness, you could just eat her up. I’m glad you all had fun and you had such great helpers!!
    Have a great week!!

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