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Spiders !

Published on October 24, 2011 under Halloween

Today I got a glimpse of what it must be like in Heaven.  I had two parent volunteers here.  It was awesome to look around and see the children so engaged with them and the parents  having a really good time. Thanks girls!


Today we had spider fun.  We have spider work mats ( Thanks for laminating Bethany ! )  that have numbers.  We looked at the numbers on our web and places the right number of spiders on it.  Numbers recognition is something we still struggle with. I am trying to incorporate more number activities ( ABC ones come easy ) but I still see a few of my kindergarten bound kiddos that don’t recognize several numbers.  One thing I noticed as we did this was the different styles the kids used to pick out the spiders they were putting on the web.  Some chose all of one color.  Some had them mixed.  Hmm.. is this a sign of kids that prefer order  over chaos?  I would be interesting to see these kids rooms. Does their sense of wanting everything just right flow over into their rooms?  Are they clean?  Are these the same kids that don’t like for their food to touch while eating.  See if you recognize your child doing this at home.


















We also sorted the spiders by color and counted their legs .  Then we did this little fun activity.
















This was also counting the legs as we drew them on the fingerprints to make a spider.

I had several mask out today we had had funny faces running around all day – like this one.
















During circle time today we did our fun Halloween songs and we read a book called ” Halloween Day.”  I think the kids decided that I should be a fairy godmother for Halloween.  Hm.. I might have to work on that one.  We also did some fine motor exercises with our hands and fingers .  This will help our muscles get stronger so we can be better writers.  We clinched our hands like pumpkins.  We wiggled our fingers like spiders.  We make triangles with our fingers like a witches hat.

Before Dallas left today she took some pictures outside that I wanted to share.




























































I am sure many of you saw my Facebook post today about poop.   I would just like to go out on a limb here. I am not criticizing anyones parenting skills or how you run your home but I would like to address what we expect in our home.  One large part of being in preschool is teaching the  kids to expand their vocabulary.  There has even been research done that says degreed teachers are better because their ” vocabulary is more complex ” and promotes a higher level of speaking on the classroom.  Allowing the kids to continue to use ” poop- head ” and saying poop just for the fun of it has gotten old and quite honestly is wearing on my nerves.  Poop is a body function.  It is a slang for a body function.  It has no room at our table at lunch or when we are addressing our friends.  If we all tell the children it isn’t funny and will not be tolerated anymore, maybe  the fascination with it will disappear.  I can’t tell you what to do in your home but I can tell you starting today and each day after – children using the word poop inappropriately will be asked to sit away from the other children for a few minutes.  It will be harder for them to break the habit if you allow it and laugh at it at home.  We also will not be calling names at all. We all have names GIVEN and making one up is not acceptable- even if we are laughing when we do it.  That is an early form of being a bully.  Bullies do tend to laugh at themselves when they are mean to friends and make it seem like a joke. The funny thing is.. usually the child being called a name isn’t laughing.

No, Im not in a bad mood .  We are here to guide and I have let this slide too long.

Lets encourage them to say good  and nice things.  Things that add value…. poop… doesn’t.

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  1. Marcella Grammer

    Thank you, Debbie. I agree completely. I know Kimber says it more after he has been around some of his older friends. I won’t call names. Maybe this post can stop it for good. Thanks again.

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