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New Toys I

Published on October 21, 2011 under Art

We have two new toys that I want to show you.































The kids love this new toy.  It gets very small and expands so big they can get inside it.

Then on the playground we finally got all the stuff ready for the kids to use the outdoor painting easel that Mr. Randy made. The girls loved it.  If you give the boys a choice between large motor exercise  ( riding trikes and running ) they will almost always choose the later. It is how they are wired .  I love that there is a new place for creativity outside.

















































































I didn’t get to take a lot of pictures today. I had to make an unexpected trip to the dentist. Remember that crown I got Tuesday ? It came off .  Oooowwwiiiieee…















I hope to see everyone tonight at the Daddy and Me Pumpkin Party and then again on Saturday for mine and Randy’s concert at the library at 1:00.





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