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You gotta Do Do Do Do Do.. what the policeman tells you to do.

Published on September 30, 2011 under Uncategorized

Our morning started off with great intentions.  A police office was coming to visit and we made a dessert for our lunch.  It was a delicious strawberry twinkie dessert.  Everyone was so excited about the policeman having lunch with us that we FORGOT THE DESSERT WE MADE HIM.  Boo…. now, Ms. Debbie will have to eat it. 🙂


Just kidding.. we will have it for snack . It was a fun day again.  We were able to ask him a lot of questions.  MOST of them were about the BAD GUYS.  We talked to him about when to call 911 and when NOT to call 911.  He showed us all the tools on his belt and he had a lot.


For small groups today we played a color recognition game.  Most of the kids did pretty good.


I hope every has a blessed weekend.


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