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Fly ! Fly ! Fly !

Published on October 3, 2011 under fall

Today we started a unit on fall.   We talked about how in the mornings when we get up it is cooler now and how the leaves are starting to change colors.  We practiced our scissor skills by cutting a tree trunk out of brown paper and then used a paper towel roll cut to make the different colored leaves.   I think they turned out quite beautiful.  Since it is small group time it gives me an opportunity to watch the children cut and help correct their form .   Kat, our youngest was really struggling  with cutting until I showed her ” thumb on top and open  shut open shut….. before I looked again she was cutting perfectly !


I have been printing out themed tracer pages and laminating them as a choice for the kids during free play.  I am amazed at the fine motor skills of some of the kids while tracing these letters.



During circle time today we read a book about leaves flying and the book says FLY FLY FLY!  Over and over…  It is a counting book.  We also clapped out the syllables in fall words like pumpkin, apple and hay.  Once we got the hang of what we were doing we clapped the syllables in our names and made a human graph. We had more 3 syllable names than two or one.  


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