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Fire Station Field Trip

Published on September 29, 2011 under community helpers

Today has been a busy day for me.  i was up too early preparing to go to a meeting in Bentonville  We toured ten classrooms and had trainings on challenging behaviors in children.  Of course , I don’t NEED that information for MY angels…. but it was good to file away for a rainy day.  I was home about an hour and pulled out for our fire station field trip. SO proud of the turnout we had from parents and grandparents.  There were a total of 49 people there representing our families.  Great times.  I think seeing the fireman in his flame retardant uniform will help them not to be afraid if ever they are caught in a house fire.  And well.. there isn’t much happier than a 4 year old behind the wheel of a big red fire truck.


I heard the kids had fun today while i was gone.  They practiced a huge floor puzzle that Orrins mom gave us last year and did a science experiment with fire.   They lit a candle and then placed a glass over the flame and of course the flame went out to show them that fire needs oxygen to keep going and that is why we roll on the ground if our clothes are on fire.  Ms Bethany and Mr Randy said the day went well.  I  am sure it did. I missed my kids.

One highlight of the day was seeing Kayla would moved this year to Bentonville.    


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