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We went to Iron Core Gym !

Published on September 8, 2011 under Amazing Bodies

Enjoy pictures from our trip to the Iron Core Gym today!

Since we were talking about our healthy bodies, I decided to show the kids where I work out.  I have been with Cassidy a year now.  Time flies when you are having fun !  Cassidy is an awesome trainer. Sure, you can go to Anytime and work out  or wog ( my version of walking and jogging.. )  but Cassidy drags work out of you that you didn’t know you had in you.  He is such a motivator.  I haven’t lost a lot of weight since I have been going to the gym ( I had already lost a lot ) but I am SURE I am stronger and have more confidence in my body. I am sure that I have better balance and I a more heart healthy.


What …did he do with the kids?  He did a few exercises with them and let them hit and kick on the punching bags for a while. He had them play an awesome game of tug o war with the HUGE rope .  It was girls against boys and I mean to tell you those girls were competitive.   We also showed them one of the things he had me do when I come in so if your child tells you that Cassidy hooked Ms Debbie up in a horse harness and she pulled him around – they would be just about right.   I had a skirt on.. so he took it a little easy on me. Cassidy also talked to them about making good food choices .

He has ladies core classes, kids kickboxing and adult self defense classes.  Thanks Cassidy for letting us visit !


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