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Let’s do some math !

Published on September 9, 2011 under Uncategorized






Teaching math to preschoolers isn’t that hard if you think outside the box. Today we sorted Mr Potato Head pieces . We put all the heads together, the arms , the feet  and all the other assorted body parts he has.  That was fun ! We had 8 sets of Mr. Potato Head’s.  Can we all say ” Ms. Debbie is a preschool materials hoarder…”











The children also enjoyed the color families that were on the table.   I think it is really cool how many children automatically sort things without even knowing the concept.  Kimber said ” Ms Debbie, let’s make a pattern.”  First he made an AB pattern alone and then switched it up and made an AABB pattern.  Wow… Way to go Kimber !

We counted our friends friends fingers.

We read the book ” Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes.”


Other things we did are sing ” Where is Thumbkin ?” and we played a game with the bean bags. I would all out a body part and the kids would place their bean bag on that body part.  When playing games like this I try to point out the less used or named body parts – like ankle, wrist and forehead.

I am SO frustrated trying to learn this new blog site.  I  am having a hard time with this new format so please bear with me as I learn.  I haven’t really had the time to sit and go through it and play yet so each day this week has been a challenge.


I hope you have a restful weekend and make many nice new memories with your child.  Two reminders :

If any grandparents are planning to come visit us or eat with us I will need to know this weekend so I cook enough  !

Parent meeting Tuesday night at 6:30. Please make every effort to be there. This is an important one that will help you know how to teach your child at home as well as how I do it at school.  Childcare will be provided FREE  I will just need to know how many children to expect.



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