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Doctor Doctor Give Me The News !

Published on September 7, 2011 under Amazing Bodies


Today we continued to talk about our bodies. During small group the kids made finger prints on an index card and studied them with a magnifier.  We also read another version of ” Our Hands Are Not For Hitting” and then made our own book.  We traced the kids hands and then wrote the sentence I use my hands for….. Some of the kids said playing or making cupcakes and others said things like  shaking hands.  The kids LOVE to read the books they write in circle time.   They are the author and the illustrator !

We had LOTS of doctor play again today.   I went to the thrift store yesterday and picked up some white scrub jackets and shirts for the kids to pretend with.  I also found a pair of shoes with braces on them. I saw them last week and thought what a great thing to have in our room to support diversity.  The more kids are exposed to ” handicap” related things the less they will stare in public and understand why they are used.  I didn’t buy them last week. I just had a bad feeling about it. What if someone really NEEDED them.  When I went back yesterday they were still there so the creative hoarding teaching in me won out and I bought them. The kids have had fun today trying them on.

We found out today that the GAK we made last week you can write on  !  The kids had a blast.  You write and then fold it and write some more.  Our light blue GAK is now pink from the purple marker but that is ok.  Even the boys wanted to write today!


I walked on a room today and all the boys were gathered around reading a book . They were so involved. Yep… it was the ” Everybody Poops” book.

Some of our letters I sent home yesterday made it back to school today to decorate our room. We love them – so creative!

Tomorrow we are walking to Cassidy’s Gym. We will leave the house at 9:45 if anyone wants to walk with us !









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