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Smoke Smoke Smoke FIRE~

Published on September 28, 2011 under community helpers


We were ready for today ! Mr. Randy is still not feeling well today so Ms Bethany and I tackled the day.   There were three out so the day seemed a little more calm than usual.


This is a game that the kids played in small group. It is a counting game.  They drew a number and put the correct number of fire trucks in the fire station.







Also pictures is one of the activities from small group today.  The pictures were laid out and one taken away. The children had to remember which picture was missing.

I have wanted all year to take my computer out and let the kids play on it. This will not be an every day occurrenceI do want them to be familiar with a keypad and a mouse.  Why not all the time you ask?  Two reasons – When it is out much of my time is helping that one child find something or get out of something .   Also, by quality standards a child is allowed 20 minutes screen time each day. Screen time is TV or computer.  Also , if another child is WATCHING that counts as their screen time also.  Try explaining THAT to a child.  I have an idea that was passed along about a pilot and copilot for ten minutes each that I might try next week.  We’ll see…

Having popular toys out sometimes causes a problem of who goes next.  So.. we make a LIST. If a child wants to play they sign the list.  This is a great literacy tool.

















Playing in the kitchen center teaches fine motor skills as well as social.  Its hard to see but there are tongs there for moving food from plates to bowls.

Firemen ( women ) work in a kitchen too !
























Outside the kids played SMOKE SMOKE FIRE!  You might have played before and called it DUCK DUCK GOOSE.


Math happens everywhere naturally.  Here I caught WIlliam sorting crayons into colors.

Today was a  good day. Don’t forget that tomorrow night _ THURSDAY at 6:30 we are all meeting at the Cheri Whitlock Fire Station for a tour !


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