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Grandparents Day

Published on September 12, 2011 under parent involvement

Today has been a fun day. I feel like i have run a marathon but I also have that great feeling of accomplishment you feel at the finish line.  ( No, I haven’t run a real marathon ever, I am guessing. Are you crazy ? )  We fed 23 breakfast this morning and 27 lunch for grandparents day.  What a day.   Some of the prep work for the meal was already done last night.  ( Randy put the sauce in the crockpot to cook all night !  )  For breakfast we had biscuits, strawberries and grapes and milk or coffee.  For lunch it was spaghetti,  green beans, salad, garlic bread, milk or tea  and apple dump cake.  We still have one more grandparent joining us for snack this afternoon.   Although it was a bit of work, it was worth it.  After the children ate they walked around showing their grandparents  their second home.   It was great to hear them tell ” their version” of what we do in each area.  I also heard sweet compliments from the grandparents  like ” she put pictures with the names on their journal – how clever” and ” I would LOVE to play here, this looks like fun !”

I would love to tell you that in addition to all that we still had tons of learning opportunities and  a fantastic creative circle time  – but I won’t.  I find that if I take time to value the relationships with people that other things fall in line.  So, today, I took the time to value grandparents.

As a grandparent myself, I know what a wonderful magical job it is.  Like the old saying goes ” My reward for having children is my grandchildren.


Enjoy a few of the shots I took during the less hectic times today.



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