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It’s Friday at our House !

Published on September 16, 2011 under Uncategorized


Today was a busy day and then after the rain came it seemed to drag on FOREVER.  But , Mr. Randy took out his guitar and we made a little music together to get some of our sillies out before nap time.

Wrapping up our unit on communities today we made a couple more houses.  One was made from a paper bag.  I found it on  pinterest just in time  !  The other house was an envelope. This is an activity you can do at home with your child. If you open an envelope it has the shape of a house.  I loved watching the kids creativity as they drew on the ” houses”  One little boy even made zig zags inside it and said that was his  stairs.



Pop the pink pig was an exciting game we played today.  What do pigs have to do with houses and community ?  Remember the other day they loved acting out the story and we talked about how people’s houses are all different just like the three pigs ?   It was a blast watching the kids bounce on the balloon and try to bust it !  Even Mrs . Bethany gave it a try.


Pop The Pink Pig !

Mr. Randy did a science project and a cooking project today. His science was awesome.  He took and cut several pipe cleaners up into small pieces and placed them in a plastic container.   Then they used a magnetic wand to move the pieces around inside the bottle.

For snack today the kids are eating mini pineapple upside down cakes that THEY made !



We have been singing a song all week with the letters H O U S E in it.  I wrote them on a board today and many of our friends recognized them !  YAY !

Have a great weekend everyone !


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