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Germs Germs Go Away

Published on September 19, 2011 under community helpers

Today we started talking about people in our community that help keep us healthy.  When we started a list many of the answers I got to ” who helps us stay healthy?” were ” Jesus ” and ” God” and well.. who can dispute that . So, we  added them to our list and then started with other people in town.  Finally we got to doctors , nurses and dentist.  It’s coming up on the time of the year that we tend to see a lot of runny noses and hear sneezes so today we talked about germs. What are they? Where do they come from ? How do we get them on us ?


We watched a quick little video that explained some in their terms what germs are.  And… it contains the words poop and puke so the boys all LOVED It.  


Click the link above if you would like to watch it too !


After the video  , we did a little experiment. We took baby lotion and rubbed it all over our hands.  ( Kimber said ” It smells good like when you get out of the bathtub.”  After we were all slathered up I sprinkled germs ( aka GLITTER) on their hands .   This showed us how when we touch other things we leave little germs everywhere – on our face, our clothes and our toys. First we tried to just wipe  the germs off with paper towels.  That wouldn’t get it all off.  Everyone agreed we would probably have to use soap and water.  What a great way to learn about germs.

We also talked about sneezes and how we should ” capture” those germs in our shirt or our elbow.  


Scarlett and get grandma brought these wacky precious stuffies to share with the class.  The kids LOVED them today. I had owls flying everywhere. Aren’t they wonderful ?
Some of the activities that were out on the table today were sequencing . Many of these activities I got from the two mommies that teach web site.  



We had a new Doctor Barbie and Dentist Barbie. The kids loved that ! 

Even the boys! More stuffies ! These remind me of my favorite story as a child – ” Where the Wild Things Are.” 



A is for Ambulance. This isn’t  a worksheet it is a write on wipe off game that the kids can chose during free play. . Can you tell a difference between a 3 year olds writing skills and a 4 year old ?


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