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Our Library is in our Community

Published on September 15, 2011 under building community

Today we took our first trip to the library .  We were lucky enough to have three extra mommies with us to make the trip down a little easier and a lot more safe.  I know as we walk they think “ HOW IN THE WORLD DO DEBBIE AND RANDY DO THIS ALONE?  But, believe it or not, the kids aren’t quite as  crazy when it is just us.  Having new people around gives us the ” permission ” to test a few boundaries and that is ok.  When we go to kindergarten we will have MANY new people and we have to learn that no matter who is around us, rules are rules.  They are made to keep us safe.

When we arrived at the library we were ready. We had already had a circle time and talked about what happens in a library.  It is a little difficult for children to understand the difference between buying and borrowing.  After going in the children’s area we found a book called ”  The Big Blue House” and read it on their circle time rug.


After reading a book we ventured to the park.  We had a few minor boo- boos as the kids got more brave and tried monkey bars . We learned our important rules like staying in the blue ring , being kind to others on the playground and only coming DOWN the slide and not up .  When we first arrived people a block away could probably hear us.  Within about half an hour, the kids started to wind down.  The park is a great place to go and build your child’s self esteem in their physical abilities.   For instance, one of our friends climbed almost to the top of a climber and got stuck. She wanted her daddy ! NOW!  Randy and I coached her on where to put her foot ( Randy was at the top, I was underneath. ) and she made it up. You should have seen the grin on her face . What an accomplishment. !   After that, I bet she made that climb ten more times and each time wanted me to look. She was so proud.

Before leaving we made house sculptures with marshmallows and toothpicks. The kids loved this activity. And yes, afterwards they were allowed to eat the marshmallows.


Here are our playground pictures for you to enjoy !



We did take a different route home past the ducks and got to see a family of baby ducks that were SO cute and then walked up the stairs ( great workout ) through ” the jungle” to home where Mrs. Bethany had lunch waiting on us.


It was a good day.


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