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And it’s Still Raining !

Published on April 27, 2011 under Uncategorized


A few shots of fun from last week.
Did you wonder what those orange pine cones were ? Well, it really was a cute fun idea. They were going to be carrots. By the time they dried I got sick and I think they gotten taken home. So, it looks like instead of orange carrots you got you an orange pinecone! Creative huh >:)

We taped X’s on the floor to make a bunny trail for hopping.
And yes, I leave calm mature people in charge while I am gone.
The day I was sick the kids made the cutest little bunnies out of paper rolls from a film store. Thanks Malia’s grandma!

Look what I found today !
Oh how the boys need some outside time.

We read ” Alexander’s Terrible Horrible No Good Bad Day ” today. One of the kids pointed out that the pictures were all black and white . ” There is no color.” That opened up a discussion about the illustrator. Is the illustrator still an illustrator if it isnt colored? Hmm… Lots of thinking going on. Yes, he is! One of the kids thought the car would look better red. The book would be easier to read.
I am working lots of extra time on the kids end of year portfolio’s and reports. Our year end theme will be farm. This will be so much fun !


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