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Published on April 28, 2011 under field trips


This is what we saw today! SUNSHINE! After several days of being cooped up inside from rain.. and rain… and more rain. So, Randy and I put our heads together and decided to take the show on the road.

We walked through the woods to the downtown park. When we got there we noticed that there were a lot more people and the water was MUCH higher… from all the rain. We saw two ducks that seemed to be having a conversation. Then we made our way to the park. We ran and we ran and we ran some more. Nolan taught Andrea and Mc Kayla how to use the firemans pole.

We saw portapotties being delivered for the festival this weekend . What a wonderful time to live in a small town. I had told the children there would be many more people out than we are used to on our walks that we needed to stay close . We also talked about strangers and how we can speak as we pass but not to stop or leave the group. I loved my life more this morning as we walked and I heard many of the kids saying ” Good Morning.. Happy Dogwood Festival.” I think they made some of those vendors day!

Downtown we say a cheetah in a window. Was it real ?

The nice lady from the Siloam Springs Printing Company stopped us to give us candy ! Another small town perk.
Then we travelled on through downtown to the Twin Springs Park. It was beautiful. We sat under this gazebo and listened to Randy tell another one of his childhood stories. The kids love those.

Weird.. roots on top ?
Group picture!

Would you believe this flower garden is a circle ?

Then stopped at the next gazebo and played a game of duck duck goose.

Almost home.. Helicopter Pad. H- see we did letters !!!


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