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We finished our Dial Three Assessments !

Published on April 26, 2011 under assessment

>We finished our Dial Three Assessments today. I even have them scored. It always feels great to get to the end of our year and see how much we have grown and how much we have learned. I would like to take credit for that but for the most part it is part of nature. We all grow. We all learn. I am happy with the scores we all got. My three year olds had really high scores which makes me excited for next year.

I will be taking these tests and my worksampling reports to put together our information for our end of the year teacher conferences. I will also be putting together packets for each child entering kindergarten with copies of their last Dial Three Report, WSS Summary Report and a letter explaining what type of classroom environment your child is accustomed to and what type of learner they are. Hopefully this will help in their placement to get the best teacher for them.

I about exhausted Randy’s ability to keep the kids entertained while I was doing the testing. We resorted to part of a movie today ( BUGS LIFE ) and a coloring sheet. I know… sounds like I’ve lost it. But if you have been keeping count this is 4th time this year ( since August ) we have turned on the TV and maybe…. the third coloring page. I’ll take those statistics!
Tomorrow we will get back on our regular schedule .
( On a side note, the kids really enjoyed the coloring sheet. I printed a Barbie one for the girl and a monster truck one for the boys. )

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