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Ways We Go !

Published on March 7, 2011 under math


Before I go into todays activities I would like to show you a picture of one of the things that makes me smile. I love walking into a room to find children learning and helping each other.

Some things out on our table this week. We have four flannel pieces that depict air, water, land and a railroad track. In the purple box are several pieces of transportation. The kids can sort them out , play with them and use them as extensions of the stories we are hearing this week.
Books that have WHEELS!
Math game! The pieces are little macaroni wheels painted black.
Patterns and Puzzles !
Lots of small cars for sorting , counting and game play.

This is a parking lot game. If your child is struggling with number recognition ( or letters, colors, shapes etc… ) you can use this game. They all loved it. It is also a great fun way to assess and I can tell you… some of our friends need some help ! 🙂 Draw a road down the middle and spaces on each side. Let your child pick out a cook match box car . Tell them to drive down the road and park in space number 9. ( Or 11, or 4… you get the idea ! ) Boys especially love this game.
Mr. Randy took everyone outside to see a REAL engine . We read a book about engines today.

We also went for a walk looking for other ways to travel.

Muffin tin Monday was creative today. It has a transportation theme.
The last thing we did before nap time was graph how we all got to school. We found out during this time that Emeri got a new black SUV this weekend . ( She will also have a baby sister some time this week ! )
Don’t forget our BYOB Tuesday evening at the park. BRING YOUR OWN BIKE !
I am linking this post to a terrific learning site ! ABC and 123 Learning .


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