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Ways to Go TOO ~

Published on March 8, 2011 under Uncategorized

>Today is an ” off ” day. I WISH I had a way for this headache I have been hanging on to to GO! I rarely get headaches, but when I do – oowwie. I went to bed last night at 10 pm. I woke up at 5 am feeling wonderful but then this headache hit me and I have been fighting it all day.

The bus did not come today. We were afraid it would be pouring and we wouldnt be able to go out. He is going to try to come again tomorrow at 9 am and every day until we make it work.
Forgive me for not having pictures of giving a huge run down of our day. But you know me… honest and forthright. We played and learned along the way. We even sang and jumped. We read stories and right now….. deep breath- we are breaking Ms. Debbie’s rule about movie watching. It is theme related. Thomas the Tank is buying me quiet time until it is nap time. I can take a tylenol then and hopefully have a better attitude. Lord knows I need one. Let’s just be happy we all made it through the day. 🙂
Tonights BYOB is on if it isnt raining. ( Bring your own Bike ) Plan : You just show up with your child’s bike ( and yours if you want !) and ride. We will be at the park with the large playground area. At 6:45 we will meet at one of the picnic tables and share a snack before going home.


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