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Green Eggs and Ham

Published on March 4, 2011 under cooking with kids


Normally I do ONE day on Dr. Suess. SHOOT me.. he isnt my favorite author for three and four year old children. Not only are the a LOT of words but a LOT of pages. I did a week this year and for the most part was able to keep the kiddos attention while reading.
Forgive the lack of a blog yesterday. I had an early morning doctors appointment, a training on delegation all afternoon, cooked dinner for 6 women at my home that were headed to the same meeting I was at 6:30 pm. I felt like I ran all day yesterday.
Jodie did have fun with the kids though . She read ” One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish ” and did a little craft with them using blue paper plates. They also read ” Oh The Thinks you can Think.” Then together they thought… and wrote this little story below together as a group.

Today we used blue hair spray to make us all look like Thing One and Thing Two.

I was worried about it coming out but a lot of it has already lightened to the point of not being able to see it.
Today we read “Green Eggs and Ham” in small group. Together we made a list of other foods that are green.
One of my favorite times is seeing children that don’t normally play together a lot enjoying doing something together.
And then it was time to cook some green eggs and ham.

Whoops…. unscheduled fire alarm while cooking.. 🙂

After nap time we will read Dr Suess’ ABC book and eat these cool ABC cookies I picked up at the Dollar Tree.


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