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Respect your boogers !

Published on February 17, 2011 under funny things kids say


Today we read another story by Julia Cook. This book was called ” I am a Booger Treat me with Respect ” I first heard about this book on a girls day out around Christmas. A dear, and funny friend brought it along for entertainment. I know you are thinking ” you must have some pretty lame girls day’s out.” But really , it was great fun . We have never laughed so hard. Four grown women riding down the road laughing like crazy . I was the “reader.” I knew two pages into the book that I HAD to order this authors books. Again today , like yesterday, I have recorded me reading the book so you can appreciate it the way I do. Enjoy !
Orrin LOVED this book !
At the end of course we had to practice making booger ghost !

On to other things !
Remember the experiment we started with the white carnations ? They DRANK the colored water and look what happened ! BEAUTIFUL colorful flowers ! ( I can’t tell you how many time these have been knocked over. Even once by ME! But.. what fun is an experiment like this if you can’t see it up close ? )

Rosannna and Andrea pretending. Pretend play is such an important part of our day. It is where we learn to deal with things going on in our lives. It is where we act out things that are important to us. It is where we can be anything we want to be.
Noah and Dillion made up a game with our ” sound boxes .”
The purple sand is always a popular area.

I love walking around the room and seeing evidence of happy kids.

William made this . He said ” look at my red and blue spider. Don’t touch the red.” I of course was curious and asked ” Why not?” His reply was ” Red is hot! ” Now…. that is thinking. ( Not to mention the pattern that he made on his spider. )
Days like today remind me why I do what I do. LOVE my job.


  1. Michelle

    Miss Debbie, that was such a beautiful slideshow!! Being a Mom of 4 boys I don't get any pink frilly, girly kind of days with my children. I am glad I got to live vicariously through your wonderful Moms and Daughters!!! What an AMAZING provider you are to offer these memories to your families!! Great Job!!!

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