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Its the KIDDOS!

Published on February 18, 2011 under Literacy


Most of you know that Randy and I travel doing children’s music. We don’t do many during the school year so we havent done a concert since September. We are doing a concert tomorrow in Van Buren for a new library down there. The kids let us do a run through for them !

The sound is awful on the camera that I used. I still havent found my battery charger so I am using my moms old camera. So , please.. forgive. 🙂
We also read another book today by Julia Cook. This one was called ” A Bad Case of Tattle Tongue.” The book talks about a tattle telling and when it is appropriate. Actually , if it is appropriate it isnt called tattling it is called “Warning.” The 4 rules for tattling are :
1. Be a Danger Ranger- is someone hurt ?
2. Now or Later ? Is this something that could be taken care of later ?
3. Is there another solution? ( work it out yourself )
4. MYOB Mind your own business.
I love this book too. It talks about a little boy that tattles a lot. His tongue turns yellow and grows long . It also gets purple spots on it. Another repercussion in the book is that no one will play with the little boy and he is sad. Prince Tattle comes to tell him the rules and his ” Bad Case of Tattle Tongue” goes away.
The pictures below are of our tongue check. So far…. so good. 🙂

Outside time today was wonderful … Was it really 15 degrees below 0 last week ?


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