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I love routines !

Published on February 16, 2011 under Literacy


Today has seemed like a very calm day. Maybe it is because we are back into our routines again. I had to wonder if that may be a reason I enjoy being a preschool teacher so much . I LOVE routines too !
Daniel loves playing in the homemade gak !

This is a video I took sometime last week and had intended to upload it for Valentines Day and completely forgot. When the kids sing the part that says I L O V E U we point to the letters on the board.
Remember the white carnations yesterday we put in water colored with dye ? Here are our results. The kids loved this little experiment !

I ordered several new books from an author a friend recently told me about . Her name is Julia Cook. The books are a little more wordy than I prefer for my age group but with good storytelling you can keep the kids attention. Julia uses wonderful language to explore some social issues that sometimes are hard to explain . Today’s book was called ” My Mouth is a Volcano. ” It is about a little boy named Louis who’s mouth ERUPTS all the time. He has such important things to say. You can see the story below.

Does your child have a volcano mouth ? Maybe you can watch this video of the book with them and discuss their volcano ! 🙂
Tomorrow’s story is about boogers and booger ghost . This was the first book of Julias that I read and fell in love with.


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