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Mixed Up Monday

Published on February 28, 2011 under Dr. Suess


This week we are celebrating Dr. Suess birthday with ” special stuff !”
Today was mixed up Monday ! We really had some mixed up wardrobes and hair-do’s.

In celebration of
” The Foot Book” the girls got their toes pained. They loved it. We even made them a little mixed up. The boys walked by and I would say… do you want me to paint your nails? They would run and yell NO!!! 🙂
We sorted our shoes by strings or no strings. We sorted them as boots or not boots. We made patterns with the colors. Pink white pink white pink white. Black brown Black Brown…

Then we mixed them all up and had a race to get them on !

This is our new friend McKayla ! She has fit in very well today !
Muffin tin Monday!
It was a fun day. This morning before 7:45 I had made a trip to Fayetteville and back to help Addam with a car in the shop. I will miss you this afternoon. I have to pick him up at 1:45 and then have a meeting over there. Devin, Audrey’s mom , will be helping Mr Randy from nap time on today.
Tomorrow is Top Hat Tuesday. Let your child wear a hat to school.

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