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Friday Flick- Jungle style

Published on February 25, 2011 under jungle


Today was our last day on the jungle unit. We have had a lot of fun exploring animals that live in the jungle . Early this morning we read ” Good Night Gorilla” and afterwards had a special visitor !

His teeth looked a little mean.. so I warned the children ahead of time that he was coming and not to be scared that he wouldnt hurt them. No one cried , ran or screamed. In less than a minute Randy took the head piece off so they could see that it was him !

We also made a favorite animals graph today – with our BODIES! I lined the animals up on the table and the kids lined up in front of their favorite jungle animal. Then we talked about terms like more, less, most and least.

We had our Friday dance party . I LOVE to see Orrin dance… he dances with every ounce of body he has.

William stopped by. He had his tonsils and adnoids removed on Wednesday. The kids were very curious and caring. They said ” We miss you William.”

We also read this book below today and talked about patterns.

It was another fun day. Enjoy our friday flick !


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