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Top Hat Tuesday

Published on March 1, 2011 under Dr. Suess


We had a fun time today balancing things on our head like Cat in the Hat.

Group pictures with the kids on Terrific Top Hat Tuesday ! I am NOT a hat girl…

The kids ended up trading hats and using some of mine that I had upstairs.

Today we read a PDEastman book from the Cat in the Hat series. The book we read is called ” Are you my Mother?” After reading the book we played a matching game with animals and their babies. I really thought that would be too easy for them but a few of them struggled with getting the right animals together.
Playing puppy dogs is still one of the kids favorite games. This is Kayla and McKayla playing puppy. Kayla said her puppy was sick.
Malia practicing being a big sister. Soon Malia , very soon. ( But Emeri’s little sister should be here THIS WEEK! )
We read this book. It tells the story of the cat coming back to Sally’s house and the mess that followed him – as it always does.
* March calendars are going home in cubbies today.
Tomorrow is silly ” sox” day and we will be celebrating Dr. Suess birthday.
This afternoon we are having a cool snack but I forgot to take a picture of it with the camera. It is Dr. Suess Hats. You take a vanilla wafer and put a ring of red icing on it. Place a marshmallow on top then another ring of red and the other half of marshmallow. Can we learn patterns at snack? Yes, we can.

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  1. Michelle

    I love the laundry bag, kids love acting out songs, but getting to hide in the bag must be the best!! We were peeking out our window this morning during breakfast and saw the most beautiful Blue Bird with black markings (not sure what it was) eating some of our birdseed. The kids were in awe watching him peck at their seed, and I thought of you and your comment. There is so much out there for our kids to experience, what a great job we have to be able to watch 🙂

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