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Back on Track

Published on February 15, 2011 under math


We all seem to be back on schedule today… and that is an awesome thing!
We started an experiment today. We put these white carnations in water with food coloring . We talked about how plants outside drink water and discussed how we thought these plants might change colors. It will be interesting to watch the change!

We had visitors today. They were here for training again.
William enjoying a good book ! The boys busy in the art center .

Orrin painting for his mom.
Andrea exploring the water table .
G and Rosanna found a new way to use our Valentines picks. The turned them into people and used playdoh to put clothes on them. CREATIVE!

Noah put together all our ” hearts” puzzles that we made from a deck of cards. Then.. he put them all in order – he even knew how to put the jack, queen and king in line. He said he learned that ” from playing solitaire on the computer with my mom. “

In small groups today we played with paint chips. I told the kids the story of a man that was a painter . He was going to paint a house PINK. He was walking out the door with his paint and fell down the stairs and got his paint all mixed up. First we sorted out the light and dark pink. Then together we worked to put them in line from lightest to darkest.

Even with the visitors here today we were able to be in our normal routine and well.. that makes this preschool teacher very happy.


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