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Happy Valentines Day

Published on February 15, 2011 under parent involvement


Its pretty late. Today EXHAUSTED me. I think I got used to our snow days off. To come back after being out for a few days and it be a HOLIDAY/ PARTY day… wow . I am using a different camera so it may take me a few days to get in the swing. Just for today if the picture is taken the wrong way – just tilt your head. That is how my head has felt all day! 🙂
We made a bouquet of heart picks today. Great fine motor fun and Ms Jodie popped in to surprise us and pass out Valentines. Thanks Ms Jodie !

Cohens mom, Beth came in to make cake in a cup with the boys since they missed that activity during the ” Mommy and Me Tea Party ” yesterday. Thanks Beth!

Mr Randy graphed candy hearts with the kids.
Making ” heart animals.”Malia’s grandmother came in to help with this. She also made the cute group Valentine Greeting cards for us. Thanks Tammy!


Passing out Valentines. My LEAST favorite activity of the day. Do you know how long it takes 16 kiddos to pass out Valentines even IF they only write their name on the card ?

This is the Valentine Randy and I gave the kids. It is an ice cream cone with cotton candy in it . It says ” Here’s the scoop! We like you ! “

A valentine the kids made their parents.

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