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Monday Monday…

Published on September 27, 2010 under fall

>Today has been a hectic day. I know the parents noticed the VOLUME level in our room today was UP LOUD! Wow… very loud. The whole day has been like that . Is it possible to love your job but still look forward to the end of the day on some days? 🙂

Today we talked a lot about fall and our community. We have community in our classroom, in your home and in our town. It actually goes farther than that to a global community, but the kids aren’t quite ready for that yet.
This Thursday is when we meet at Quail Ridge Nursing Home and sing songs for the residents there. They will be eating and it will be loud – we may not even be noticed. But I am sure there are some residents there that havent seen a preschooler in a very long time and they are sure to bring back some good memories to them. We will meet at 5:50 in the parking lot and go in together as a group. We are singing 5 or 6 standard songs that the kids have known forever. Why are we doing this you ask? We are talking about communities and how communities have all kinds of homes. This is one they probably rarely see. We will be in there 15- 20 minutes – tops! 🙂 PLEASE dont leave me and Randy there alone…
There isnt a lot to blog about today. It was a fairly normal day… and we survived.


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