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feelings mural

Published on September 23, 2010 under cooking with kids


Today we practiced our scissor cutting skills . I placed magazines on the table and scissors and asked them to cut out faces that showed emotions. As I sat and cut with them ( modeling is always a great way to teach children ) I noticed how almost ALL expressions in magazines are happy. Anyway, we cut them out. I reminded the kids that their thumb goes on top and to point the scissors away from their body. We also discussed other rules like – we don’t just walk around with scissors and scissors are only for cutting paper.

After cutting out our ” faces ” we glued them on a large sheet of paper.

If you want to work with your child at home on how to use scissors – here is a great short video for you.

Some of our other fun during the day. The kids are really getting into the chalk board. I love their drawings !
Kayla helping clean up the sand .

It was a great day. This afternoon we will be making our own snacks and carry them outside to eat. TRAIL MIX ~


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