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Every day is packed full of learning

Published on September 28, 2010 under fine motor


We learn so much every day. We learn how to communicate with each other . We gain confidence in our ability to get along with each other in a social setting.

Below are Emeri and Orrin. They rode the horse together through the house and when Emeri stopped she said ” Now, get off and go to work.” Do you see that steak in Orrins hand ? He told me he brought that incase his horse gets hungry.
Audrey teaching Cohen his ABC’s .
Even boys play house. Dillion was the cook.
Problem solving ! Danny made art from this old Pork Rinds container and wanted to take it home. He rushed over to his cubby to put it away and it wouldnt fit. Kayla stood there trying to figure out how to make his art fit in his cubby. Sure, I could jump in and grab it and say ” Just let me put it up here” and place it on the cubbies but why.. when there is so much to learn with them working it out together !
These blocks have set on the shelf since school started and someone may have taken them off once. I took them down and put them on the table and started building myself. Look what happened!

Sometimes kids just need a little encouragement to try something new or forgotten.

We had a licensing inspection today! It was unannounced and went really well. I usually post the form on the door or table for you all to see. DHS has went to a paperless system now . There is a website you can go to but as of right now it does not look functional. I will tell you that there were no violations – which is our goal every time!


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