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I Can Move

Published on September 8, 2010 under Amazing Bodies

>Grrr.. I have been sitting here for 20 minutes trying to find the pictures I took today. See, I have a brilliant son who has been in town . Addam is headed to New York City right now to interview for the Mac Genius position on 5th Avenue. He is one of those computer guys that makes us all look a little silly. It’s great to go shopping with him. He is able to help you pick out what you need perfectly. He sets it up for you. You THINK you understand. Then when he is gone… ouch. Last night one of the new gadgets I bought was a new SD card that automatically loads my pictures on my computer as I take them. He set it all up. I watched. I took pictures and watched them magically load and now.. I cant find them. Addam of course is gone. If I find them later I will add them or save them for tomorrow. I know how much you look forward to pictures of the little rugrats. 🙂

Today we learned more about our amazing bodies and how we move. We read the book ” From Head to Toe ” again. This book is about the way animals move and challenges the kids to do the same. They really like it.
We also talked about how different situations require us moving differently . Some examples are : If a baby is sleeping in the room, how do you move? If you see a lion and a tree, how would you move ? Children need to learn different circumstances sometimes require different reactions. Have you ever watched them run ALL DAY and then they spill milk and you say – HURRY GET A TOWEL and they almost crawl to get it ? Exercises like today hopefully help that discernment a little.
We sang more songs like “Head , shoulders , knees and toes ” and changed it to ” forehead, wrist, ankle, heel”. Try this one at home! We also did :
Over all we had a great time today and packed in a lot of learning. We did get to go outside even though it started raining at 10:30. We went after lunch for a few minutes .
Grandparents Day is Sunday. We will celebrate all day. If you have one or more ( please remember there are 16 here and this is a house… 🙂 tell them this schedule and then sign them up for the time they prefer. I even added a a couple times that are non eating for folks that might not have as long but require a little more whole group interaction. My PLAN right now… and that may change – is to have the child and the grandparents sit in the dining room away from the other children. There would not be enough room at the children’s table for everyone.
8:00 Breakfast
9:15 Read a book to us
10:30 Cook something with us
11:30 Lunch
2:15 Snack


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